Parrots as pets

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I am sure that you have all heard the expression -‘Parrots have more personality than a goldfish’- and while this is extremely true, there are some home truths to be known about parrots before dashing out to purchase one as a pet. But it’s much easier to train a dog than a parrot. Parrots are sensitive creatures that must be looked after and nurtured, and the more love and attention that they’re given, the more their unique personalities will shine out.
You would be wise to keep in mind that a parrot is in fact a wild animal that’s intended to be living out in the wild. Therefore they can be dangerous at times and also temperamental. Although it is not possible to send a bird that’s been domesticated back into the wild to fend for itself, you will have to make sure your bird is given plenty of attention and kept stimulated to avoid it getting stressed and bored, which can result in it pulling out its feathers.
A word of warning – do not buy a parrot for a little child. Parrots have very sharp beaks that can cause some serious damage if one is not careful. For this reason they need specialised training and handling initially, so they may be taught not to bite or attack.
If you’re looking for a parrot for a family pet, you may need to switch to a dog for this, because most parrots only bond with one person and are inclined to be aggressive or just ignore other members of their family. They can also get quite possessive within the person they have chosen to bond with.
An Amazon parrot is most likely among the most competitive, and would make the least suitable family pet. If it is a family bird you’re after, instead go for a budgie or a cockatiel.
Should you not like a noise, then a parrot is not for you. Parrots tend to be very vocal and this can irritate some people.
Make sure you buy an adequately sized cage for your pet, as they do need a fair amount of room to move around in, and it is cruel to keep them in a cage that is too small for them. Be sure to keep your bird from the wind as birds despise draughts.
A well trained and cared for parrot may be a wonderful addition to your house and your life, and they may give you years and years of joy, as they have a long life span.
Those are the main things, and hopefully this article can help you decide for yourself whether or not a parrot is going to be a fantastic selection of pet for you.

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