Beaver is mainly a nocturnal and semi-aquatic rodent. It belongs to the genus Castor and is presently represented by two species commonly known as the North American Beaver and the European Beaver. They are famous for constructing dams, canals and lodges. They’re the next largest rodents known all over the world. They live in colonies […]


It’s scientifically known as Struthio camelus. It’s the only living species of the family Struthionidae. The look of the bird is extremely different and it is characterized by presence of long legs and neck. The legs are adapted for running swiftly with a rate of about 70 km/h which is the top speed embraced by […]

About sharks

The majority of people think of a shark as a violent huge predator with super sharp teeth ranging the sea seeking food. But in fact there are more than 400 different species. Nine hundred meters below the ocean surface lives the smallest shark: Dwarf Lanternshark. It grows to a maximum of 17 centimeters. So probably […]


Dolphins are carnivorous mammals that live in water. There are around 40 species of the intelligent animal and they vary a lot in size. The smallest one can weigh only 40 Kg and might grow to have a span of just 4 feet. The greatest one may weigh 10 tons and will have a length […]

Moray Eel

The exclusively marine sea life animals are the moray eel that are found only in salt waters. A number of them are also grow in brackish waters too. Moray eel belongs to the eel family and the largest one of them is the green moray eel. Anatomy The eels have an extended dorsal fin. The […]

Rhino Poaching

Conventional medicine in Far Eastern countries is to blame for the rhino’s plight. Powdered rhino horn has been a staple of Vietnamese and Chinese medicine for millennia. Before given to patients with fever, there’s now a belief that it can cure cancer. Combine this incorrect belief with the new money in emerging Asian markets and […]

Raising pigs

A lot of people raise pigs to slaughter for bacon and other assorted pork products. For those of you that have never done this there’s more to it than just throwing the animal in a pen and giving it your entire table scraps. You have to properly look after the creature if you want to […]

Iguanas as pets

Before determining that owning and caring for an iguana is just too difficult, understanding what’s involved in iguana care may convince you to change your thoughts. Knowing that iguanas are actually reptiles is the first step in understanding why they’re perceived as being hard to keep as pets. These cold blooded creatures depend a whole […]

English Bulldogs

If you are planning on purchasing an English bulldog, you need to think about the following pros and cons before making the final decision. Pros Temperament: one of the principal advantages of the dog is that he has a great temperament; therefore, he easily gets along with the family members. If you have small children, […]

Buckle your pup

You probably wear a seat belt each time you enter a vehicle. It’s second nature to most people. Everybody understands seat belts save lives. It’s so famous, that the legislation now requires that people wear seat belts. When riding in the car, is your dog restrained? Feeling the wind blow in their face as they […]

Pet Rabbits

Rabbits will be your perfect family pets because they are very adorable and loveable. Keeping rabbits as pets requires a couple of factors that can help you to care for them. You need to prepare the space which you can use for exercise. And then it is the time for you to find comfort accommodation […]